Most parents know the theory so this parenting workshop brings a balance of theory and skill development, and follows the principles of adult learning. Practice makes perfect so parents get to use these skills and get feedback on how they are doing and on how to get better results. Consequently there will less conflict, fewer tantrums and lies with no need for punishment.

So whether you are trying to deal with an independence seeking toddler or a rebellious teenager, in this workshop you will fine an effective and compassionate way to create a nurturing family environment in which your family can thrive and deal effectively with family issues.

One of the differences between the parenting skill workshop and many others is that it is focused on skill development and the imparting of specific skills to parents. Such an approach enables theory to ‘come alive’ in the resolution of real and specific conflicts that can destroy family life.

The Content of the course includes the following key concepts and skills that are in the public domain:

  • How Conflict is resolved in Different Culture.

  • Effects of Conflict Mismanagement

  • Awareness of Personal Agendas which can generate Conflict

  • How to Listen to Children and Teens

  • Discernment of Legitimate Needs

  • How to be appropriately Assertive, without being Autocratic

  • How to Respond to Resistance and the de-escalation of intense emotions

  • How to assist parents to employ a Conflict Resolution Process

  • How to Facilitate Conflict between Children

  • How to offer Guidance to Children and Teens on Life Issues



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