One in six employees working in Singapore experiences an inordinate level of stress.

Mental wellness in the workplace is an overlooked but integral aspect of maintaining a healthy and profitable business. Employees that are depressed, anxious, highly stressed, or suffering from an unknown crisis situation are less productive and engaged in their work.

Poor mental wellness can be a financial strain on the resources of a company similar to other chronic conditions; like diabetes, arthritis, or obesity. Medical leave, poor management skills, and poor communication are just a few of the damaging side effects of a malnourished mind. Yet, these problems can be easily addressed or prevented with an efficient system implemented in the workplace.

That’s what we, here at InContact, know how to do. Offer a variety of non-threatening mental wellness services that seek to identify employees that may be struggling, and to offer support to those who may not have sought it otherwise – to ensure that employees will continue to be productive members of the professional community.

We work with our corporate clients to develop a system of care that is right for them. That could entail individual counselling, wellness seminars and education through lunch talks, and crisis counseling for unexpected traumatic events.

Our licensed psychotherapists have years of experience enriching the lives of patients with mental health issues small and large. We are a compassionate, intelligent, and motivated group of professionals seeking to improve the lives of those we work with.

We do hope you will reach out to us if you have any questions about increasing the productivity of your employees, or fostering a workplace that is systematically positive.



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