Incontact Counsellors are extensively experienced in dealing with professionals who have work and family issues, to maximize their productivity and relieve stress.

We support organizations by providing external Employee Assistant Programs that are confidential and available offsite.

Studies have indicated that offering EAP’s may result in a variety of benefits for employers, including lower medical costs, reduced absenteeism and turnover, and higher employee productivity.

We offer the following services to assist your staff in maximizing their work productivity and dealing with the multitude of life challenges they may currently be facing:

  • Short-term solution focused counselling as problems arise

  • Long-term interventions to assist both the employee and the family

  • Expertise in understanding mental illness issues and aliasing with necessary referrals if needed, for the employee

  • Focus on expatriate issues with the availability of a team of multicultural counsellors who have an in-depth understanding of expatriatism

  • Workshops for staff to enhance their self-help skills and to promote the EAP program.

  • Coaching on transitioning or resolving career and personal decisions

The Incontact team will customize a program for the specific needs of your employee, an important and valuable addition to your organization and the well being of your staff. We will work diligently to resolve issues surrounding workplace, economic, social, and other mental health concerns.

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