At Incontact we help the child, parents, caregivers and educators understand the needs of the child and strategize a plan to meet the identified needs through counselling.


Adolescent Counselling can enable young people to understand more fully their feelings, thoughts and behavior. At Incontact we often use traditional talk therapy, and other expressive therapies for young people to comprehend and work through their issues.


At Incontact we have worked with a variety of women who are juggling complex issues, including: self-esteem issues, depression, eating disorders, marital issues, gender biases, motherhood, a lack of agency, cultural identity crises and more.


Our therapists at Incontact have experience working with males and their varied issues. We are equipped to aid men with processing their emotions and exploring the possibilities for a more integrated future.


Relationship/Couple or Marital Therapy.
 Assists you in reflecting on your relationship together, creating new patterns of communication, fostering intimacy and removing blocks that are contributing to issues in the relationship.


Seeks to improve the interactions among members of a family or similar close relationship in order to improve their functioning both as a unit and as individuals. For any kind of special family situation like divorce, serious illness or death in the family, our therapists can help families cope and better function in these situations.

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